• Alun Davies: Art Direction <br />'Conference Call Girl'

    Alun Davies: Art Direction
    'Conference Call Girl'

    The concept of artistic collaboration has changed over the years. Artists now are not limited to working with people in the same room, city, or region, but have the ability to create art and performance with artists from the other side of the globe. Inspired by a collaborative Skype performance piece with muse and performance artist Danni Daniels, Conference Call Girl is a 3 dimensional installation that comments on the use of the human body in art, commerce and entertainment. Photography, illustrated verse and 3D elements are used to create a poetic form.

  • Ann-Katherin Schubert: <br />Textile Designer & Illustrator <br />'Untitled'

    Ann-Katherin Schubert:
    Textile Designer & Illustrator

    The artwork shows various co-operative systems as well as highlighting the fact that it‘s almost impossible to exclude oneself from these systems. Each person is made out of uncountable co-operative systems in the first place. Components in cells work together to keep the cell alive while they communicate together, creating multicellular organisms. Multicellular organisms create ecosystems, while people form families, while families form cities, while cities form nations and so on... When was the last time you were somewhere, somehow, alone?

  • Calverts: Graphic Design <br />'Co-op Love'

    Calverts: Graphic Design
    'Co-op Love'

  • Curious People Projects: Designer <br />'Block'

    Curious People Projects: Designer

    This piece explores and looks at the creation of new colours through the co-operation of coloured blocks.

  • Claire Scully: Graphic Designer <br />'Many Hands'

    Claire Scully: Graphic Designer
    'Many Hands'

    Many hands make light work is a phrase that embodies the essence of co-operation. The ideology of people working together and making the world we inhabit a better place may seem like a cliché but perhaps it’s what most people wish to attain.

  • Eleanor Marechal:  Visual Artist <br />'Garden City' Fig 1 & Fig 2

    Eleanor Marechal: Visual Artist
    'Garden City' Fig 1 & Fig 2

    Ebenezer Howard’s concept for a city planned around the idea of a co-operative and self contained existence for its citizens. His Garden City was radical at the time in changing the economic and social structures of city planning and creating a city managed and owned by its community. Howard conceived a principle called ‘rate rent’ where the cities residents pay for their services (rates) and those who invested in the initial development receive a return (rent), which in turn is reinvested into the town - enabling the construction of museums, hospitals, parks and other communal facilities.

  • Florence Boyd: Illustrator <br />Black Dogs

    Florence Boyd: Illustrator
    Black Dogs

    This piece forms part of a narrative which is about the notion of coexisting in urban environments. It introduces issues which are explored through the analogy of animals in place of humans. The dichotomy of the brutality and beauty which exist when so many people live in an urban environment it draws parallels with the base animalistic tendencies that we possess, despite the suggested control of society. Society cannot exist without co-operation.

  • JAILmake: 3D Design <br />Four Chairs, Four Days, Four Friends

    JAILmake: 3D Design
    Four Chairs, Four Days, Four Friends

    Four different chairs for four times of the day, designed and made in a day each. These were disseminated to four of the designer's friends for a quick redesign. The work represents the cooperation between the designer-maker and local artists from Peckham. Bob London, Lizzie Towndrow, Peckham Print Studio and Luke Thompson were kindly asked to modify a full set of the Four Day Chairs, in no more than an 8 hour work day, with only a days notice.

  • Ivan Ogilvie: Filmmaker <br />Eye In The Sky

    Ivan Ogilvie: Filmmaker
    Eye In The Sky

    Ivan Ogilvie and his collective embarked on a project painting London's skyline, with the aim of inspiring people and reminding them of their voice. At a time where communities across the country were feeling increasingly neglected and let down by the system, they decided to use the roofs of the many council blocks scattered across the city as a platform to communicate with people in the form of painted eyes and up-lifting slogans that beamed down on to the streets below. Their work was to serve as a reminder to the public that there is still room to take risks, think outside the box and change the world around you.

  • Karina Lax:  Photographer <br />Sit

    Karina Lax: Photographer

    The concept behind the images is the tension created by shifting co-operation and control between the dog (a Great Dane) and the photographer. The images were created by asking the dog to sit in a typical portrait scenario. A photograph was taken every second, until the dog walked out of frame. The images taken were then layered at the same opacity. If the dog had fully cooperated, the image would be a clean portrait - if he had not, the image would be barely discernible.

  • Kavel Rafferty: Illustrator <br />'With Co-operation, Yeah'

    Kavel Rafferty: Illustrator
    'With Co-operation, Yeah'

    This print is inspired by Sesame Street numbers and letters, and helping one another. One can do anything better than none but two can do something better than one with co-operation. Three is even better than two. The more help you get the better for you and me and you. Please see film on next slide.

  • Patternity: Graphic Design <br />Sum

    Patternity: Graphic Design

    Examples can be found everywhere we go and in everything Patternity do. From the macro to the micro, the natural to the manmade, pattern unifies us and communicates a universal language we inherently understand. Looking at the similarities between the life giving fractals of lungs deep inside us, to the branches high above our heads, there is evident co-operation at work. Independent elements working together to create a highly complex, greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts system.

  • Patrick Fry & Tom Willis:  <br />Graphic Design & Art Direction <br />TwoSomes

    Patrick Fry & Tom Willis:
    Graphic Design & Art Direction

    TwoSomes is a series of prints bringing together similar sounding words that, when all said and done, are worlds apart. A contextual juxtaposition is used to illustrate the distinction.

  • Rebeca Maeve Manley: Paper Artist  <br />Hive

    Rebeca Maeve Manley: Paper Artist

    A perfect and admirable example of co-operation are bees and their hives. In these highly organised and industrious societies, tasks are performed for the good of the hive. The efficient architecture of their hives have been designed to provide maximum strength. The myriad structural reinforcement echoes the strictly defined roles of the worker drones with individuality sacrificed for something bigger than the self. The hexagonal tessellation of the honeycomb pattern creates more space with the given material than any other shape. This tessellation was Manley‘s inspiration to create her own abstract bee hive focusing on repetition, form and depth.

  • Rhiannon Adam: Analogue Photographer <br />Many Small People, Many Small Places

    Rhiannon Adam: Analogue Photographer
    Many Small People, Many Small Places

    Created using the Polaroid emulsion lift process, this piece features key buildings in the development of the co-operative movement, forming a fictional cityscape. The skies are filled with starling “murmurations”, a natural parallel to the co-operative ideology. Images were collected from a mixture of archives, and from photographers who were willing to collaborate and contribute to the piece. These images were then re photographed onto Polaroid film to make the transfers

  • sorryimworking:  Designer <br />'un-titled'

    sorryimworking: Designer

    Co-operation in its purest sense, evokes voluntary acts and relationships in both the natural and manmade worlds. True co-operation should go unnoticed. It should be something so seamless, we rarely question it. An unwritten rule. We are all made of atoms, cells, and systems that we don’t question, see, or interact with. Our environment too, is full of these rarely questioned co-operations.

  • Takayo Akiyama: Illustrator <br />'Cats and Dogs Company'

    Takayo Akiyama: Illustrator
    'Cats and Dogs Company'

    Takayo’s work explores the concept of 'Co-operation' in a fantasy world where cats and dogs live and work together for their mutual benefit. The cats and dogs co-operate to create a toy that appeals to both animals. The concept being, that the pleasure of working and creating together can be a beautiful marriage. In the real world, the animals are metaphorical emblems of dislike, as in the phrase fighting like cats and dogs. In this story they work, commute, and joke together. More importantly, they celebrate the beauty and innovation that can arise from sharing different perspectives.

  • Toby Stephens;  Art Director <br />Concurved

    Toby Stephens; Art Director

    Exploring the relationship letterforms can have with their neighbours - the co-operation of type in its purest

  • Tom Frost: Printmaker//Illustrator <br />Working Together

    Tom Frost: Printmaker//Illustrator
    Working Together

    A machine that only works with the co-operation of more than one party.
    A team effort.

  • Kavel Rafferty - Illustrator With Co-operation, Yeah

    This print is inspired by Sesame Street numbers and letters, and helping one another. One can do anything better than none but two can do something better than one with co-operation. Three is even better than two. The more help you get the better for you and me and you.

  • Lisa Stannard & Layla Sailor Illustrator & Photographer Meshes

    Stannard and Sailor work as distinctly separate creatives in very different mediums. This is a short film that takes influence from their dream collaborators - Maya Deren, Pina Bausch, William Morris and Emilio Pucci. Playing with illusion, scale and pattern the artists created a Co-operation between print design, set design, art direction, fashion styling, photography and film.

Mill Co. Annual Exhibition To mark 2012, The United Nations International Year of Co-operatives, Mill Co. thought that this would be the perfect year with which to partner with The Co-operative group for the Third Annual Exhibition. The brief this year was ‘Co-operation’ and 25 of our community produced a pieces in their discipline to fit with the brief.  As usual we have illustration,  graphic design, photography, film and 3D//Set design etc.  There have been some amazing submissions and some of the original works and limited edition prints are available to purchase at;  www.millcostore.co.uk.

Our Partner - The Co-operative    In 1844, a co-operative store was established in Toad Lane, Rochdale, the start of a global movement one billion members strong. Today, The Co-operative Group, whose origins can be traced to the Rochdale Pioneers – is the UK’s largest mutual business owned by over seven million consumers. It’s the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer, a major financial services provider, number one funeral services provider, third largest pharmacy chain and one of Britain’s largest farming operations. It set out its social and sustainability goals in its groundbreaking Ethical Plan, and operates 4,800 trading outlets with annual turnover exceeding £13bn.

Mill Co. Third Annual Exhibition